Sunday, August 8, 2010

Episode 68

Playlist for Episode 68:

1. Fields of Wonder - Arthur Greenslade & his Orchestra
2. Evenin' - Dave Brubeck
3. Home Lovin' Man - Nichelle Nichols
4. If I Could Be With You - Warren Barker Orchestra
5. The Golden Touch - Frankie Carle
6. Yearning - David Carroll & his Orchestra
7. Here's That Rainy Day - George Maharis
8. There's No Tomorrow - Annette Funicello
9. On the Run - Cheryl Ladd
10. Flirt - 101 Strings
11. La Vie En Rose - Marlene Dietrich
12. Bye Bye Baby - Tab Hunter
13. The City 2000 A.D. - John Barry
14. You're Gonna Hear from Me - Sharlene Sharp
15. Not Me - Robert Mitchum
16. Tea for Two - Edmundo Ros & his Orchestra
17. Summer Rain - Johnny Rivers
18. South Rampart Street Parade - Tony Mottola
19. Don't Fence Me In - Clint Eastwood
20. Turkey Trot - John Longmire
21. Up On the Roof - Rick Ely

Podcast located at The Spin-O-Rama Hour Episode 68. (Podcast expired, but download episode below.)

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Morton Shadow said...

I have an album by Wilbert Longmire, Esther - any relation to John?

Will have a listen to #68 right away....



Esther said...

Hi, Morton!

I have no idea if Wilbert and John Longmire are related. The John Longmire song I got from a library music album of production music for the Ren & Stimpy Show.

Thanks for listening!