Sunday, October 17, 2010

Episode 77

Playlist for Episode 77:

1. Agua De Beber - Antonio Carlos Jobim
2. Mr. Twister - Connie Francis
3. The Edge - David McCallum
4. Navy Blue - Diane Renay
5. Operation Charm - Lalo Schifrin
6. I Do Adore Her - Harry Belafonte
7. Serenata - Jonah Jones Quartet
8. Pirahna - Randy Carlos
9. Charmaine - Mantovani
10. The Magnificent Seven - Tito Rodriguez
11. Fashion Fox Trot - John Seeley & William Loose
12. Yale's Pool Room (from "Lady in Cement") - Hugo Montenegro
13. Me Lo Dijo Adela - Ames Brothers
14. Some Sunny Day - The Millenium
15. Shoo Shoo, Baby - Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter & His Orchestra & Chorus
16. On the Sunny Side of the Street - Frankie Laine
17. Just in Time - Gene Barry
18. 5 Months, 2 Weeks, 2 Days - Louis Prima
19. The People - John Wayne
20. It's All in the Game - Ace Cannon
21. Make the World Go Away - Dinah Shore
22. I Left My Heart in San Francisco - Wayne Newton

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darrylseattle said...

esther (that was my grandmothers name),

thank you for the great music. it seems that unless you beg people to comment, it's tough to get people to do so. i love your podcast and your stax o wax blog.

have a great week!


Esther said...

Hi, darryseattle!

Glad you're enjoying both my podcast and my Stax o' Wax blog! Thanks for "tuning in"!